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Patrick Eggle GuiTars


I've been playing guitar for over 20 years, the last 7 of which I've almost exclusively played Patrick Eggle Guitars. I've been privileged to own quite a number of these great guitars and this page is dedicated to my current armoury.


Patrick Eggle Guitars developed in the early 90s when designer/innovator/luthier, Patrick James Eggle, teamed up with investors to put his guitars into full production. These high end guitars are genuinely "Hand made in the UK" with production starting out in Coventry before moving to Birmingham in the mid 90s. The company has since been through numerous ownership changes but my collection has mainly focussed on the earlier years when Patrick was directly involved.


I have owned numerous models from the Patrick Eggle range including lots of Berlins, the larger bodied Vienna, the Strat derived LA and the Tony Iommi signature model. However, I have now limited my Eggles to 3 special models, the JS Legend, the Berlin Wall and a Milan V bass.


If you'd like to know more about these world class guitars have a look at (and join) the superb "un-official" Patrick Eggle Guitars FORUM.








To access information and pictures on each guitar please just click on the links below...





Jim Sullivan Legend - No. 057




Milan Pro V - M5 7-94 235



Berlin Wall - 97#9254


PRS Singlecut Goldtop - 2003