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Last updated: July 2009



A few changes...


A lot has happened since the website was last updated!


Sarah and the family have moved house to a small town on the Lancashire / Yorkshire border. With the Pennines in one direction and the Yorkshire Dales in the other, Sarah is looking forward to some new photographic opportunities. Unfortunately the options for a dark room are limited so she's doing more digital work.


The website is also expanding to include a few new pages. This is chance for husband, Matt, to share something of his passion - guitars!




Working on canvas


A couple of commission orders requesting 'something a little different' have given Sarah the opportunity to work on canvas. The process still begins with original prints but adds new disciplines using computers and freehand tinting before the image is finally put onto canvas. This new process works to dramatic effect.



Darkroom upgrade


The darkroom is undergoing a transformation with major components being significantly upgraded. This will result in an improved and more effective printing process.



Spring in her step


With Spring on it's way, Sarah is looking forward to a new season of photographic opportunities. With the Peak District on the doorstep and a forthcoming visit to the North Yorkshire Moors, expect some additions to the landscape portfolio.



Work on show


Sarah is pleased to have her work on display at Blair Gratton Architects on the corner of Lime Avenue and Burton Road in Derby. The pieces on view are largely architectural photography appealing to visitors to the office.


Sarah is also looking for other outlets at which to display her work.



Another baby


November saw Sarah giving birth to her third child (another boy!). Needless to say that recent months have been busy. BUT, don't let that put you off - get in touch!



Baby boom


2004 brought an increased demand for 'baby photos'. Sarah has enjoyed photographing these new borns and her art will be a lasting memory for the happy parents. If you have a new arrival or are expecting one soon, don't wait until it's too late before you capture the moment.